Small Agency Administrative Services Committee

About the Small Agency Administrative Services Committee

The Small Agency Administrative Services Committee comprises a broad representation of administrative professionals from about 90 small, independent federal agencies. Members represent administrative leaders from a variety of backgrounds and meet monthly to discuss issues of interest to the community. Members of the administrative services committee share information across a broad range of administrative issues including agency reporting, compliance, policy, human resources, IT, finance, records, facilities and more. As small agencies have the same obligations and responsibilities of larger agencies, with less funding and staff, the committee serves as a resource for information sharing and advocacy on behalf of all small agencies. The committee serves as:

  • an effective information forum to learn what is happening in the broad category of Federal Government administration;
  • a networking opportunity so that agency administrative leaders can meet each other and exchange ideas; and
  • an effective liaison between agency administrative leaders and OMB, GSA and other central management agencies/offices;
  • ensuring that small independent agencies have a forum for discussing existing and new guidance and reporting requirements.

Committee Membership / Contacts

The committee welcomes all members of the small agency administrative workforce from administrative officers, directors, managers, and persons responsible for administrative services. You can find the current list of members/contacts at

Want your name added to the member/contact list? Please sign-up at

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings will be held virtually and in person. The committee sends the meeting information to the member/contact list at least two weeks prior to upcoming meetings. To join the list and receive correspondence and meeting invites, please sign up at

Contact the Committee

For questions, please contact:
Erica Barker, Chair
Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer
Postal Regulatory Commission