Small Agency EEO, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

About The Small Agency EEO, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The EEO, Diversity & Inclusion Committee comprises a broad representation of EEO professionals from about 90 small, independent federal agencies. Members and other interested contacts (the meetings are open to all and all are welcome) meet to discuss issues of interest to the community, listen to various guest speakers, and/or visit active government operations. The Committee was established to:

  1. Provide a forum to share resources and best practices to create a model EEO program as outlined in EEOC’s MD 715;
  2. Create a network of senior EEO professionals and leaders so that they can meet each other and exchange ideas;
  3. Encourage collaboration for EEO and diversity and inclusion training, leadership training, resource management, and organizational development;
  4. Ensure that small, independent agencies have a forum for discussing existing and new guidance and reporting requirements.

Committee Membership / Contacts

The committee welcomes all members of the Small Agency EEO offices. You can find the current list of member agencies on the Member Organizations page.

Want your name added to the member/contact list? Please e-mail Jeff Rich.

Sub-Committee Membership

Interagency Training Initiative (Ashley Reid)
Section 501 (Rachel Anglade)


The Committee meets quarterly and sponsors member trainings in the intervening months. For more information, please contact the Chair, Vice Chair or Secretary.

For More EEO Related Information

The Committee has a page on OMB/MAX that you can access to find out more about our activities and resources.

Have a great EEO website or other information to share? Please e-mail Jeff Rich to add it to the list!

Contact The Committee

Kevin Williams, Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity and Workplace Inclusion United States Federal Trade Commission

Vice Chair
Peter Henry, Director, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
United States Securities and Exchange Commission

Ashley Reid, Complaints Program Manager, Office of Civil Rights
United States Agency for Global Media