Small Agency Continuity of Operations Committee

About the Small Agency Continuity of Operations Committee

The committee comprises a broad representation of continuity and emergency management professionals from about 90 small, independent federal agencies. Members and other interested federal contacts meet to discuss issues of interest to the community, listen to various guest speakers, and/or visit active government operations. The Continuity of Operations Committee (COOP) Committee of the Small Agency Council was established and formally chartered July 2009 to pursue the following goals:

  1. To provide a forum, on an ongoing basis, and in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security, for the development and integration of continuity policies and programs among the Federal Government organizations represented on the Council.
  2. Assist in the development of effective small agency continuity of operations management policies and plans.
  3. Share knowledge, resources, and approaches that improve the management and cost effectiveness of continuity of operations planning and management.
  4. Report on continuity of operations accomplishments of small agencies to the Continuity Advisory Group (CAG) and other appropriate groups and convey information issued by the CAG.
  5. Address continuity of operations management issues on behalf of small agencies.
  6. Represent the interests of small agencies before the central agencies charged with setting continuity of operations standards and developing policies, guidelines, and regulations.

Committee Membership

The committee welcomes all members of the small agency continuity of operations workforce and other interested Federal Government parties. You can find the current list of Small Agency Council Member agencies at

If you want your name added to the member/contact list, please e-mail:

Jerad Linneman
Director, Mission Integrity Division
Chief Security Office
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Upcoming Meetings

The committee conducts meetings at least quarterly, and may have meetings more often depending on the needs of the member agencies. The committee sends the meeting agenda and location/access information to everyone listed on the member/contact list prior to upcoming meetings. To get on the list (no obligation), please see above.

Committee Documents

The Small Agency Council is in the midst of creating a shared site for all of the Council’s Committees on the OMB MAX site. Links to pertinent documents, including a list of this committee’s members, the Committee Charter, minutes of the Committee meetings, and continuity reference documents will be found on this site.

Contact the Committee

Jerad Linneman
Director, Mission Integrity Division
Chief Security Office
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission