Small Agency CIO Council

About the Small Agency CIO Council

The Small Agency CIO Council (SACC) is comprised of the CIOs from about 90 small, independent federal agencies. The SACC members meet about ten times a year, discussing the President's Management Agenda, best practices, computer security, and other issues of interest to the community. Like the "large" CIO Council, the SACC also serves as an effective liaison between the agency CIOs and OMB, ensuring that small, independent agencies have a forum for discussing OMB guidance and reporting requirements.

CIO Liaisons to Other Federal Committees and Groups

Council Membership

All federal agencies that are not designated by EO13011 to be members of the "large" CIO Council are eligible for membership in the Small Agency CIO Council.

Contact Us

Jeremy Bingham
CIO, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

To join the SACC CIO Staff e-mail distribution list:
All Small Agency CIOs may be put onto GSA's [SMALLAG] e-mail list. The SACC uses this list to contact the CIOs quite frequently. If you are a new CIO, please send an email to either contact listed above and we’ll have GSA add you to the list.

NOTE: Only Small Agency CIO's can be added to the list. We do this in an effort to keep maintenance of the list manageable.

Special Pricing Initiative

The SACC-SPI (Special Pricing Initiative) is a program under which the Small Agency CIO Council (SACC) negotiates with vendors to get special pricing put in place for all of its member agencies.

More Information About SPI